How to use the Dask Discourse

Welcome to the Dask Discourse forum

Welcome to the Dask Community Discourse! This topic should get you oriented.

What is this place for?

This forum is a place for the Dask community to interact with each other, share tips and tricks, help each other with their problems, and generally be a welcoming place for people to communicate and learn.

At the same time, it is intended to build up an archive that is easily searched and indexed of common use-cases and issues that people in the Dask community run into.

What kinds of discussions take place here?

You can talk about anything Dask-related in this forum, including sister projects in the PyData ecosystem. GitHub is great for bug reports and developing Dask itself, but it is less great for questions about usage, deployment, and configuration. We’ve tried to categorize some major topics of discussion, but if your topic doesn’t fit neatly into one of them, don’t worry too much about it. Some topics of conversation could include:

  • How to optimize array or dataframe computations to avoid expensive operations
  • How to deploy Dask within a specific network topology
  • How to create a new dashboard panel for a custom workflow
  • What a good set of configuration options is for a given deployment
  • Announcements about new Dask-related projects
  • Job postings

If you have a question or topic that involves code, it is easiest to discuss when you create a minimal reproducible example demonstrating your issue or question (see here or here for more on how to do that). But if that’s not possible, please ask anyway!

All communication in this channel must adhere to the Dask code of conduct.

Where else can I find information?

There are (to our some-time chagrin) many different communication channels that are frequently used in the Dask community, which may be good for some things but not others.

  • For bug reports or feature requests, GitHub is the best place to file issues.
  • For informal chatting, consider the Dask community Slack channel, though be advised that once a conversation topic gets detailed enough, it should probably be moved to a more permanent location like this forum or GitHub.
  • For well-scoped usage questions, you might consider Stack Overflow, but we hope that this forum will be a welcoming alternative with a broader range of topics.

Please avoid cross-posting questions on multiple platforms, unless necessary. If you do, make sure to include a link to the other questions, it’ll allow community members to follow the complete discussion.

Feedback welcome

This is an experiment for the Dask community. Other open source projects have used Discourse forums to some success (e.g., Jupyter, Pangeo, PyMC, Bokeh, and HoloViews). If you have feedback, please open a topic in the Site Feedback Category. If your feedback includes “I absolutely don’t want to use this forum”, feel free to provide it on the Dask community issue tracker or one of the other channels :slightly_smiling_face:

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