Adding custom events in the dashboard's task stream

I’d like to add a simple vertical line to indicate the occurrence of a certain event in the task stream dashboard. Is there a way I could patch in some code to achieve that?


As a secondary question, the thread How to use the Dask Discourse gives the example “How to create a new dashboard panel for a custom workflow” as thread topic, but I have unfortunately found no such thread nor page in the dask docs. Did I miss it?

Hi @CorentinJ,

Again, sorry for the delay, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, there is no documentation on how to create custom dashboard panel right now as far as I know. The best source I found was that issue: Adding custom plots to Dask Dashboard · Issue #3503 · dask/distributed · GitHub. I hope this would give you some hints if you’re still trying to build something.

Maybe @jacobtomlinson or @ncclementi have something to add.

This would be in-scope. Folks have asked about it. We would need a user-api design first. This would probably be good for a github issue.

There is not an easy way to inject lines into the dashboard plot without significant internal work. This isn’t something that would be easy to hack around

We’ve also wanted something like this for a while in RAPIDS but as @mrocklin says it is not a trivial change.