Conflict with dask and tlz in napari

I would say I’m a senior coder. My challenge is I used an example of imread dask in image reading napari with dask version 2024.2.1. in pycharm. There is always an error with tlz. My example was derived from tutorial napari:

import napari
from dask_image.imread import imread

stack = imread(“/path/to/experiment/*.tif”)
napari.view_image(stack, contrast_limits=[0,2000], multiscale=False)

Has anybody an idea to solve this error or to find a workaround. Thanks in advance. Overall I impressed from the broad approach from dask.

Thanks in advance

Hi @BornKrefeld, welcome to Dask community,

What is the complete error message you get?

Is it associated to napari or Dask?