Getting an error but only on Windows


I’m trying to run the text vectorization example from the dask examples website but i keep getting this error on the line:

ValueError: Layer (‘fit-cd0b5ca52f2c9a52f6c731defb4b4124’, 24) not in the HighLevelGraph’s layers: [‘from_pandas-8f0675dab85c873a055e3ff8b258cbce’, ‘getitem-8e9b8cb5e390ef27e9c606e88f4d8305’, ‘_transformer-0d48ff13d988fe55b2ebe2c8ffb8c405’, 2207520048768, ‘isin-2017431f699a918998d96bcc559a37b2’, ‘getitem-f4118e2e898ccf9c76c631916878f04a’, ‘ndarray-0edbb77c-b209-434a-9e08-d51958198a34’, ‘astype-b02ba61f005b644214eb131baf17fbef’]

And it only happens on windows pcs, works fine on linux.

Did this ever happen to anyone else?