Really think the official Slack shouldn’t be retired

It’s great that there’s a place for stuff to be archived, but I personally think it’s a huge mistake to deprecate the Slack in favor of this. Quicker response times in a chatroom means more engagement, which kicks off a virtuous cycle of people using that communication channel. I think a two-tiered system is good (kinda what Prefect does) - a Slack for quick answers, and then periodically archive good responses in a Discourse.

@mattalhonte-srm Thank you for sharing. We appreciate your feedback and shall discuss it. :sunflower:

For your reference, here’s the complete discussion and more context around why Discourse was chosen: Discourse revisited · Issue #194 · dask/community · GitHub


It is possibly relevant that discourse now has a built-in chat. It allows to seamlessly move questions of more permanent relevance to a topic.

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