Process N delayed at the same time

I have 31 delayed process in a list that I want to process in a LocalCluster with only 4 workers. When I call client.compute() to the list of delayed processes, all 31 delayed start. There is a way to process less delayed at the same time?

Hi @federico, welcome here,

If your LocalCluster has 4 workers with only 1 thread each, then only 4 delayed/tasks should be processed at the same time. Other delayed should wait for available slot on the workers.

So I’m not sure what you’re meaning when saying all the 31 delayed start?

Also, if you could provide some reproducer or at least code snippet showing what you’re doing?

Thank you for the answer.
Today, facing the problem again I realized that as you said, only 4 process were working at the same time. I think that my confusion came from that I put a .compute() inside de delayed function and make me think that start all togheter.

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