NoTableFound when use dask dataframe read_sql

Hi new to dask and this channel here, need some help on using dask to query database specifically netezza in my case in python, code is working using pandas and SQLalchemy but when I switch to dask dataframe and use read_sql I got “notablefound” error, apparently table(it’s a view in my case) is there and pandas can retrieve the data without issue, I checked schema etc everything not sure what exactly is wrong with dask, I googled and only found python - read_sql_table in Dask returns NoSuchTableError - Stack Overflow this and few other links with no answers, thought to reach out here and see if anybody can shed some light for me, thanks!

Hi @bnamantis, welcome to Dask Discourse forum!

Could you provide the Pandas code you are using, and then what you tried with Dask?

I was able to read from netezza using pandas but very slow, so I thought to try dask, that is where I got the TableNotFound error

I tried a few things, query with or without schema, if without, in DD.read_sql call, I added schema parameter etc etc, I tried to " select current date ", all no luck

Query shown normally I will have schema.view or table name notation and it worked with pd.read_sql()

Could you print your code in the post directly using code blocks?