Dask-sql NotImplementedError

I am trying out dask-sql but keeping getting error saying string[pyarrow] NotImplementedError: the python type string is not implemented (yet), idea?

Hi @bnamantis,

Maybe you could try to disable the use PyArrow String:

import dask 
dask.config.set({"dataframe.convert-string": False})

Hope you can see screenshot, same error, no change, I am running same example in the documentation, not sure if there is any versioning issue, are you able to run it without error?

Could you also provide the environment you are using, especially Pandas and Dask versions?

So I was able to reproduce you issue with Dask and dask-sql latest version.

But adding

import dask 
dask.config.set({"dataframe.convert-string": False})

Before any other thing in my code solved it.

An issue is already opened here: [QST] NotImplementedError: The python type string is not implemented (yet) · Issue #1225 · dask-contrib/dask-sql · GitHub.

This worked! Thank you so much!

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