Mistake in `KubeCluster` docstring?

In the docstring for KubeCluster it states that the kwargs are passed to LocalCluster (here):

**kwargs: dict
       Additional keyword arguments to pass to LocalCluster

From what I see in the source code, these are passed to SpecCluster (the base class - super().__init__(**self.kwargs))… Does it eventually trickle to LocalCluster or is this a mistake?

@tomercagan I think you’re right, it’s a mistake. Thank you for catching it! Here’s the PR that introduced SpecCluster: Use SpecCluster by jacobtomlinson · Pull Request #162 · dask/dask-kubernetes · GitHub

Would you be interested in opening an issue+PR for this? I’m happy to do it too. :smile:

Thanks for confirming this.
I opened an issue and a pr.
I hope I didn’t miss anything in the working convention - I didn’t see anything explicit…

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I see it got merged, thank you!