Delaunay Calculation for Large Point Cloud

Hi experts,

We are supposed to calculate the Delaunay Triangle Mesh for a large 3d point could that have about 1m points. The method we use is sicpy Delaunay function. When the point count achieves 40k, the performance is too poor to accept. We wonder if DASK can help in this situation?

Your advise is appreciated
DR, Ling

Hi @DRLing2021,

I’ve got some colleagues who tried to scale Delaunay algorithm, but from what I understand, it can’t really be distributed at its core. I’ve been told that here in France INRIA built a distributed Delaunay algorithm version and were planning to put it in the GDAL library, but I’ve not been able to find sources in a few minutes.

Maybe you could share some code snippet to understand what you are trying to achieve and how Dask could help?