BokehUserWarning - can it be slowing down processing

I get thousands of lines of the following warnign when I run my code:

BokehUserWarning: ColumnDataSource's columns must be of the same length. Current lengths: ('alpha', 1000), ('color', 497), ('duration', 1000), ('duration_text', 497), ('key', 497), ('name', 497), ('start', 1000), ('worker', 497), ('worker_thread', 497), ('y', 1000)

I see there’s an open issue on this.

Can these warnings be slowing down processing and if so, what is the recommendation?

Hi @velosipednikov,

The mentionned issue is pretty old and looks fixed, could you share some way to reproduce your problem?

I don’t think so because it is related to the Dashboard.

@velosipednikov What version of Dask, Distributed, and Bokeh are you using?

Dask - 2023.8.0
Distributed - 2023.8.0
Bokeh - 3.2.1

I wonder if there is something in the newest version of Bokeh causing this, would you mind trying downgrading bokeh to 3.2.0 and see if the warnings go away? If they do, I’d encourage you to open an issue reporting this. If not, I’d encourage you to share a reproducer so we can figure out what is going on.

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Finally tried your suggestion. Yes, the warnings do go away using 3.2.0.

Additionally, processing is 25% faster. So it appears there is a bug and the warnings do take up time. Looks like it’s being handled here currently, so doesn’t seem like there’s a need for a new issue.

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