Tasks on Status page are removed

Hello everyone

During computations, the tasks in the Task Stream on the Status page are being cleared, which means that when I want to analyze later on, I only have a partial view of the computation (see the gif below). Is there any way I can control this behavior? I understand that I can use the tasks page, where the tasks are not being cleared. However, in the tasks page, all the runs are being accumulated at different heights for a scheduler session and it gets impractical to analyze as well after a few iterations.


While I still don’t understand the mentioned behavior of the dashboard, I have found a workaround which works well enough for me.
With the performance_report context manager of dask.distributed, I am able to record the task stream for specific parts of my computation. Rerunning then overwrites the previous html file and therefore I get a new overview, instead of the accumulation that I have in the dashboard, when I rerun my computation with the same scheduler.