Running Dask On RedHat Openshift

Hello; just started with Dask and used it successfully so far… .but I need to move to use it on OpenShift - I’m more used to working with ‘regular’ K8S I admit.

has anybody been able to deploy onto OpenShift? Helm installs the operator without incident, but when submitting a DaskJob the following error is created.

"Failure","message":" \"simple-job\" is forbidden: cannot set blockOwnerDeletion if an ownerReference refers to a resource you can't set finalizers on: , \u003cnil\u003e","reason":"Forbidden","details":{"name":"simple-job","group":"","kind":"daskclusters"},"code":403

Any suggestions on how to adjust the role to avoid this?

(the operator has been installed in a single namespace as well)

Thanks Matthew

Hi @mbwhite, wlecome to Dask community!

Well, I really won’t be able to help here, and I’m not aware of any Openshift deployment. Maybe @jacobtomlinson has some thoughts?

There shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t set finalizers on our custom objects. Perhaps OpenShift does something special that is causing this.

Custom objects support finalizers similar to built-in objects.

I think this probably makes more sense to discuss in an issue on GitHub. I also don’t have access to an OpenShift environment for testing so perhaps you would be happy to help me dig in a debug this?

Posting for anyone else who’s encountered this issue with Openshift.

Adding the following to the dask operator ClusterRole should resolve it:

- apiGroups:
  - daskclusters/finalizers
  - daskworkergroups/finalizers
  - daskjobs/finalizers
  - daskautoscalers/finalizers
  - update 

From what I can tell, the problem seems to be specific to Custom Resources in Openshift.

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