Multiple Distributed Clients Combined on the same Dashboard

Is it possible to spin up multiple Dask Clients within the same Python process and connect them to the same dashboard?

So I have for example one client using different cluster abstractions but both submitting task information to the same dashboard:

local_cluster = LocalCluster(
 master_client = Client(
dashboard_url = master_client.dashboard_link

arvados_cluster = LSFCluster(
    job_extra_directives=[f'-o /tmp/job_out']  # No Mails
arvados_client = Client(
    dashboard_adress=dashboard_url.  # This parameter would be needed

Hi @schulz-m, welcome to Dask discourse forum!

I don’t think this is possible, as the Dashboard is not linked to a Client, but to a Scheduler. If you launch multiple Scheduler (Cluster) instances, you’ll have one dashboard per Scheduler.

One way to achieve what you want would be to have a single Scheduler for all of your resources, but using dask-jobqueue with an existing Scheduler is not supported yet.

I don’t think multiple Schedulers could share information in the same Dashboard.

Hi @guillaumeeb

Thank you for the quick response!

Using a single scheduler with several “Cluster Abstractions” would also be great - would you know if there is any roadmap for that to be implemented? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, there is a long standing issue to implement this in dask-jobqueue.

Any help appreciated!

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Thanks, @guillaumeeb for the link! (and happy new year :wink: )

A slight tangent: Has there been any thought already about supporting different “types” of workers with different resources on the same scheduler & cluster instead? Such that we can have a submission going e.g. to a worker with GPU or without OR one with more memory and one with less (That’d be a different approach to the use case we actually have)

If I understand correctly, this is also the idea behind the issue linked above: you could have several Worker types on the same HPC cluster, annotate them using Worker Resources, and them submit tasks with annotations to use these resources.