Module 'dask' has no attribute 'set_options'

I tried the solution suggested n StackOverflow link here, but for some reason it was not working for me. Any help regarding this would be helpful. Thanks

Hi @sistaseetaram1 can you tell us a little bit more about how you are getting this error? For example, can you provide:

  • What code are you running that gives you this error?
  • Are you running from a script or from a notebook?
  • What version of Dask and Distributed are you using and how did you install them?
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To echo what @ncclementi said, it would be helpful if you provided a minimal reproducible example that demonstrates your issue, as well as listing the Dask version you are using.

It sounds like you are trying to call dask.set_options() somewhere. That is an old way of configuring Dask, removed some versions ago. So if you are running with a more recent version of Dask, you might try finding where you are calling dask.set_options() and replacing that with dask.config.set(), following the documentation here.