How do I delete an existing KubeCluster?

I sometimes end up in a situation where I may lose the kernel that contains the KubeCluster object used to create the Dask Cluster.

Is there a way to delete an existing KubeCluster from another kernel?

Alternately, if not in the API, what commands can delete it from inside the Kubernetes cluster itself?
I tried deleting all pods and the service, but think I may be missing something, because when I try to spawn a fresh DaskCluster, I get errors on init

Hi @tszumowski

I have been using KubeCluster recently, not from the a (jupyter) kernel though.

From my experience, I was able to delete pods manually in case I quit the script that spawned the cluster. From what I understand - each initiation of a client + KubeCluster is standalone - so it seems weird you have an issue - maybe it has to do with not having enough resources in the cluster?

As for deleting from the API - did you try to connect the re-connect the client and then client.cluster.close() it? I have no idea if it will work but worth a try :slight_smile:

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