Dealing with the hack for dta

Hi, I am trying to read the census of my country on python. I noticed there was a hack, however; after runnig it; when I tried:

df = dask_read_stata_delayed_group(files)

The following warner appeared:

Categorical Conversion Warning: One or more series with value labels are not fully labeled. Reading this dataset with an iterator results in categorical variables with different categories. This occurs since it is not possible to know all possible values until the entire dataset has been read. To avoid this warning, you can either read the dataset without an iterator, or manually convert categorical data by convert_categoricals to False and then accessing the variable labels through the value_labels method of the reader.

And finally when I tried to visualize the data:


The following error appeared:

Metadata mismatch found in from_delayed.

Partition type: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame

Is there a way to read the dta without iterating?