Dask ML maintenance status


Does anyone know what the maintenance status of dask-ml is? For reference, the last commit to the repo was ~a year ago. Is there anyone who is currently responsible for maintaining this library, or is it more of “proof of concept”/ “searching for maintainer” at the moment?

We’re considering whether we should be using more of this library, and this would be very useful to know.

Thanks for any insight!

Hi @ivirshup, welcome to Dask community!

I have to admit I’m not sure of the maintenance status right now. I know it still works pretty well with Dask recent versions.

Maybe @TomAugspurger or @jrbourbeau have more to say?

Yep, the core of the library is pretty simple and doesn’t require much maintenance, but reach file issues at GitHub - dask/dask-ml: Scalable Machine Learning with Dask if you run into any problems.

Good to hear! Thanks!