Da.fft.fft does not support "norm" parameter

Good day everyone. I was computing a set of data and doing some fft transform
fft_output = da.fft.fft(fft_input, norm="ortho")

when I came across a bug saying that said

TypeError: func() got an unexpected keyword argument 'norm'

I looked up the source code for dask.array.fft and cannot see the parameter “norm” supported. I wonder if it is just me or other people having this issue as well?


Dask version: 2022.4.0
Python version: 3.8
Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 18.04
Memory:  39.2 Gb
OS type: 64 bit
Install method (conda, pip, source): pip


Hmm … I’m not sure why the norm parameter is not supported. Perhaps it is a more recent update to numpy that is not yet reflected in dask, or it requires special implementation in dask.

But it seems there has been some consideration of it by the dask maintainers: follow this link. You may need to inquire on GitHub/dask for more information.

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