Any technical papers on how dask works?


I would like to follow up on my question from four years ago where I asked if a dask text book exists. I’m curious is there any technical papers since then on how dask works. I know technical papers is a niche medium as most communication takes place in blogs and and in talks. I’m looking for a single technical doc that gives an overview on what makes dask fast (Dask DataFrame is Fast Now — Coiled documentation probably fits this bill).

I recently enjoyed going through the Photon paper ( and the DuckDB paper ( I’m looking from dask material as I think about what I want to include in a blog post i’m writing on choosing a dataframe library.

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There was a publication in the SciPy conference many years ago.

Really though the best source for this is the dask.distributed docs, which get pretty technical.


Found the paper Thanks

Agree on the docs as well. Dask has always had great docs